One of the most essential documents any business can have is a brand style guide, yet many don’t have one.

Why are style guides so important? They ensure brand consistency throughout any collateral you produce – no matter who created it.

Style guides (or brand bibles) contain all the necessary information to create whatever your company needs. Whether it be a website, advertisement, internal memo, or whatever else, this little document will make your life a breeze. So, if these guides are so important, why isn’t everyone on the bandwagon?

The biggest reason is time. Style guides don’t just magically appear. They take time and effort to create, and time is a precious thing. But how much time does it take to explain to a designer how much space you need around your logo at all times? And how they’re not supposed to change any of the colors? What about finding every font you use and having to relay that to them as well? Not to mention any iconography you’ve got circulating. Then when you hire a second designer since your business is booming, you’ll have to explain it all over again. – Read more February 26, 2015 )